Am I Using Material Or Is Material Using Me?

Opening: 6th June, 6-8 pm
Continues: 7th-9th June, 12-4pm

During Look Again, Elliott Cookson, Hannah Gibson and Marcus Murison will present a group exhibition with a focus on resource material.

The importance and abundance of resources sometimes goes unaccounted when exhibitions are met by the viewer. The shear back log of image references and the versatility of approaches that exists in a studio will be brought into the light of interest for the exhibition.

‘Am I Using Material or is Material Using Me ?’, refers to the interests of the three individuals and the key characteristics that they all carry. Each members outcomes all stand widely apart, but there is one tool that is apparent that links them together in the process or steps made in order to create. This being the use of photography.

For this group exhibition the three members will take part in a randomly selected exchange in resource material, changing the formula of current traits and working outside of any existing patterns when gathering inspiration. With no strict connection between the chosen imagery, each member will then take information out of the selected image material to their own appropriate artistic needs.

~ We are TAR ~

This exhibition is part of series of events and showcases happening at The Anatomy Rooms this year, highlighting the work of our studio residents!