C Joynes & Barrett’s Dottled Beauty

Saturday March 17th 19:00-22:00 £5 BYOB

Barrett’s Dottled Beauty are delighted to welcome the marvellous C Joynes to Aberdeen.

Striding the same outsider streets as Fahey, Taussig etc, yet continually aware of the ghosts of Graham & Jansch, C Joynes makes use of battered old japanese electric guitars to hack his own distinct sound…broken and elegantly twisted.

“An inheritor to Davy Graham: a lone operator prone to unexpected collaborations, a repertoire that crosses continents and timezones with consummate ease, and dashed off with a phenomenal, yet lightly applied technique.” (Rob Young, The Wire)

Barrett’s Dottled Beauty is what you get when you cross a Kitchen Cynic with a Pefkin. Nursing an obsession equally with Syd Barrett and lepidoptera,Alan Davidson and Gayle Brogan formed this duo in 2016, playing semi-improvised experimental folk, informed by their shared interest in nature, folk song and noise. “siren-esque psalms quietly stare, seduce and enchant, beguilement doesn’t begin to touch it, ghostly drone mosaics, which arrive trimmed in classicist vintage whose lineage ripples to a dawning of time whilst sonically balanced on a finite point located somewhere between the primordial psych folk utterance’s of Alphane Moon, Ghost, Our Glassie Azoth and the bewitching trips of George Harrison’s ‘Blue Jay Way’. Their second album released in a limited edition of 80 in individually collaged sleeves is long sold out.