For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

Am I eligible for a work-space?

Anyone can apply for a space but should carefully consider the aims and objectives of The anatomy rooms.  

Are there any creative practices you can’t cater for?

Our only restrictions are at a practical level and The University of Aberdeen’s Health and Safety policy thus restricting the use of some tools and materials. Hot work of any kind is one of these restrictions. Secure and safe storage for materials will be provided on request.

Can I come and see the spaces?

Yes. Drop and email to info@anatomyrooms to make arrangments or visit on one of our open days

What type of rooms and spaces are there and what are the costs?

There are a number of rooms that were formally offices, study and tutorial rooms. They vary in size with most allowing for shared use from two to several. The rooms will be provided in a manner that will initially allow them to be developed as per needs.

Application proccess

We will inform you that your application has been received. A selection panel will meet at the earliest opportunity. We aim to turn things around as quickly as possible and to get the centre up and running ASAP.



Studios will be allocated to applicants that best match the objectives of The Anatomy Rooms.

How long can I have a studio for?

Studios are provided on a month to month rolling basis with expected tenures of 12 to 18 months.  

Can I sublet my studio?

We cannot sanction subletting of workspaces. We can discuss how the space can be utilised if it is to be unused for a known period of time.

What about insurance?

Buildings insurance is maintained by The University of Aberdeen with All In Ideas holding public liability insurance.  Tenants and users hold responsibility for the insurance of materials, all works existing and produced, all personal possessions etc brought into The Anatomy Rooms. Public liability insurance should be considered by users if working with the public.  We can offer advice on this

How will I pay my rent and is there a deposit.

Rent should be paid directly into the organisations bank account by direct debit or standing order on an agreed date. One month deposit will be required with the first months rent along with a small deposit for a room key.

Are the studios heated?

There is heating throughout the building. Additional heating will may be required when the weather is at our worst.


Do the studios have phone lines and broadband?

No phone lines but there is broadband and Wifi.


Is there a kitchen/sink room?

There is a communal dining and kitchen area providing refrigeration and basic food heating facilities. Kettles etc will not be allowed in the workspaces.


Will I be able to receive mail and packages at my studio?

Packages can be delivered to the site but must be arranged by, and at the owner’s, own risk. Personal mail should be delivered to a home address.


Is there parking available?

There is no dedicated parking but access for pick up and delivery is available on university property. There are lockable bollards in place.


Are there other rooms available to hire on a hourly/daily basis?

There is a large project and breakout room that is part of the facility. This room is available for hire to external Orgs, groups and partners and will be a programmed facility. Residents will have full access to this space as part of their license agreement. Rooms and areas within the site are likely to evolve over time with some uses changing to meet demand.


Is there an exhibition space?

There is no dedicated exhibition space. Opportunities for residents to present and exhibit, on and off site, will be explored and realised on a project-by-project basis.


Is there equipment for artists and makers to use?

Residents will have access to a variety of tools and equipment  available and full access to the workshop.


Is there public access?

It is intended that there will be regular open days and meet the artist events (not compulsory)


Will residents have a say in the running of The anatomy rooms?

There will be a residents committee that will be charged with daily responsibilities as well as assisting on developing a program.