HOUSE – NESCOL Student work exhibition, Saturday 9th Sept 10:00-16:00

As part of Aberdeen Doors Open Day 2017 The Anatomy Rooms is delighted to present work by NESCOL NC students. The exhibition entitled ‘House’ is the result of a project based around the work of ‘Anarchitect’ Richard Greaves.

Within this project, students represent a chosen emotion in 3D form, which is ‘contained’ within a 3D structure. The structures take the form of rustic dwellings, cobbled together from scavenged materials, weathered and decaying through time and the elements; much like the work of Greaves.

To embody the essence of this, students used only found and upcycled materials with which to build their houses, enhanced through use of varied media to add the required patina and textures.

Although each house is individual collectively they create a ‘neighbourhood’ within which a variety of emotions and feelings are at once concealed and presented.