This Pernicious Nuisance

Opening: 6th June, 6-8 pm
Continues: 7th-9th June, 12-4pm // 15th June 12-6pm

During Look Again, Jess Wilson-Leigh will present a new body of work. ‘This Pernicious Nuisance’, draws on the ever-changing and deteriorating state of our climate as we venture into the unfamiliarities of The Anthropocene; the geological epoch defined by humanity and the significant impact it has on the planet, which scientists have declared we are now living in. The ongoing project is a personal response to the anxieties of living within this time of uncertainty. It acts as a playful solution to the impending ecological disaster we may face, suggesting an alternative to the hostile and turbulent climate outside by recreating and imitating an
outside space, inside.

~ We are TAR ~

This exhibition is part of series of events and showcases happening at The Anatomy Rooms this year, highlighting the work of our studio residents!