Underpinning_Drawing Objects – Workshop

Ruth Switalski is a Glasgow based artist, curator, educator and facilitator. Her work is an ontological examination of painting, focussing on materiality and sculpture through installation, concerned predominantly with the body and anatomy. This workshop will dissect the relationship between drawing, sculpture, and material; making and using objects that are simultaneously drawing implements and sculptures in their own right.

Saturday 19th May, 12-3pm
For Underpinning three artists have been invited to consider the role drawing plays in their practice and to share this in the form of a drawing class.

What Lies Beneath Us _Yvette Bathgate
Thursday 5th April

Drawing Objects_Ruth Switalski
Saturday 19th May

Drawing/Movement: Surface, Skin, Lines, Limits_Jen Clarke
Saturday 21st July

View the full Underpinning programme here: https://bit.ly/2EAK4yj