Underpinning_What Lies Beneath Us_Yvette Bathgate

For Underpinning three artists have been invited to consider the role drawing plays in their practice and to share this in the form of a drawing class.

What Lies Beneath Us _Yvette Bathgate
Thursday 5th April 6-8pm

‘I’m interested in what is beneath us as a history of mark-making, each individual leaves marks across the planet throughout their lives, a drawing of balance between destruction and repair.
The objects that we leave behind will be the archaeological artefacts of the future. What do these objects say about our culture? Will the consumerist, material driven culture we have, be reflected in the mass waste we leave behind? Will deep future archaeologists curse as they stumble across yet another piece of packaging from the objects of “importance”, or will great cultural value be placed upon these throw away objects?’

– If possible, I ask you to bring along an everyday object, this can be anything at all that you use most/every day, nothing expensive or valuable to you please. There will be basic drawing materials available on the night, however if you have some of your own you can bring them along, it would be nice to see some variety in use of materials. Make sure you wear clothes that you don’t mind possibly getting a little messy, however, I’m sure everything will come out in the wash.